Skin Care for Blemished skin


Hello Everyone, My skin has been acting crazy lately. And by crazy i mean IM BREAKING OUT WTFFF? ok let me stop being so dramatic but yes unfortunately i am suffering from a minor acne. I went on full on panic mode went to Ulta and came across this wonderful skin care line from the Body Shop. It’s perfect for blemish skin and its tea tree oil which is perfect for acne. I like the fact that this line is vegan all natural ingredients. I got this deluxe deal for only $39. I have been using it for over a month now and i see its helping with my breakouts. Also i must mention that i’m on this process of losing weight right? Like when you want to lose weight one must eat healthy and workout. Well my diet  currently is eat whatever the hell i am craving ( 70% of my diet is not healthy) but i am working out. Reason i am mentioning this is because i am pretty sure that my diet is definitely affecting my skin breaking out. Damn it, that means i have to stop fooling myself and just focus on eating healthy ( more on this on another post, let’s get back to my skin for now)

My acne It’s mostly on the right side of my face. I know is not so bad but for me this is horrible. As you can see is just on my cheek area and my left side is really not bad (hallelujah).

skin care 2

I first wash my face using the facial wash, i love the way this make my skin feel. Super clean and refreshing, well the entire line has a refreshing minty feeling once its apply to the skin.  Usually twice a week i will apply the mask i’ll leave it on my face for about 20 min. I love the way this mask makes my skin feel so minty and clean. Then with  a cotton pad i apply the mattifying toner all over my face. Then i go in with the tea tree oil drops, i apply this with my fingers focusing just on the spots where i am completely breaking out. I apply the mattifying lotion only at night because it dries out my skin.

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During the day i follow the same steps, cleanse, toner, tea tree oil. I also like to use these two products. In the morning i apply the dark spot corrector fade serum because i do have a bit of dark acne marks and i want it gone asap. Lastly i moisturize my face with my favorite moisturizer during the winter. The Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. If you suffer from dry skin in the winter i highly recommend this stuff is very hydrating hence the name Intense Hydration. Lets hope this works wonders for my skin and next month i will be acne free!

skin care 4

XO Rosaira


Sephora haul 

This past weekend I went to sephora to treat myself 😂 I needed some skincare stuff since I have been neglecting my skin. I love First Aid Beauty moisturizer, so I decided to used more items from their line. I found this kit which was perfect. I Also decided to buy the peter Thomas Roth mask sampler and try them out. And  Of course had to treat myself to some makeup goodys. I always wanted to try out the Kat Von D lock it foundation and finally decided to get it since it was time for a new foundation. I also got the tattoo eye liner since I needed one. The most exciting part was the Urban Decay heat palette. I remember couple years ago I was obsessed with makeup specially eyeshadow palettes. Now I have some self control after realizing I only have 2 eyes and way too many eyeshadow (it felt almost like a waste to have so many) but anywho, I was sucked in again to the heat palette. Honestly I don’t even feel guilty it’s been a while since I last purchased eyeshadow. Just love the colors in this palette so much.

Me fui de shopping para Sephora. Necesitaba cosas para el cuidado de la piel y claro me compre algunas cositas de maquillaje. Encontré estos dos kits una de First Aid Beauty  y mascarilla de Peter Thomas Roth. Y también necesitaba una base nueva. Me compre la de Kat Von D Lock it. La estoy usando ahora luego le cuento si me gusta. Hace unos años atrás pare de comprar sombra porque tenía demasiada paletas de sombra. Pero no le pude decir que no a la nueva paleta de Urban Decay heat. Me encanta los colores. 

Xo Rosaira 

Elf haul

Recently I treated myself to some good old shopping therapy. But most importantly it was stuff that I “needed.” I went to the ELF store down in Soho. I went in for a new foundation and concealer. But of course came out of there with a bag full of goodies. Due to my new tan, my current foundation no longer match. I wanted a foundation that was sheer not full coverage. (can’t stand full coverage in the summer) I found the aqua beauty mousse foundation a perfect fit. To be honest I just started using it so if I fall in love I will let you know. But what’s most exciting is the new skincare line they have. I got three of their products. I went a bit crazy wanted to try everything, especially since I feel my skin is going mad at the moment. I will definitely do a review once I form an opinion it’s just too soon to say. 

Recientemente me fui de compras para la tienda de Elf que está en Soho. Necesitaba una base nueva y un corrector. Pero claro me compre otras cosas más que “necesitaba.” Como llegó el verano. Y con mi nuevo color que tengo, desde que fui para Miami. Nesecitaba una base que me pegue. Para el verano me gusta la base que son un poco más Ligera. No me gustan la base que tienen mucha cobertura. Me compre la Aqua beauty mousse. Como la comenze a usar renciente no le puedo dar mi opinión todavía pero si me enamoró se lo cuento. Con la nueva línea para la piel me volví un poco loca quería comprarme todo. Pero después que  vaje ala realidad me compre tres de lo producto. Y también si noto alguna diferencia se lo cuento.

What I purchase ( lo que me compre)

– aqua beauty mousse foundation (la base)

– HD Lifting concealer ( corrector)

– Liquid eyeliner ( delineador de ojos) 

– prime and stay finishing powder (polvo para el rostro)

– glow lotion (loción brillante)

– hydrating bubble mask ( mascara facial)

– gentle peeling exfoliator (exfoliador) 

– illuminating eye cream ( crema para los ojos) 

Xo Rosaira