Bridal Shower fun

Hey everyone this past weekend I attended my first ever bridal shower! It was very nice and fun time to spend with the bride and all her girlfriends it was lots of fun. I decided to wear this body suit from H&M I picked up last last weekend so it is fairly new I’m sure is still in store. I love the material it just holds you in all the right places. I paired it up with my fav jeans and also this is one of the few pair that still fits (whatever happen to me getting back in shape?) lol ugh “crying inside” ok more on that on another post. I like these jeans because they are súper stretchy and high waisted I wear them at least ones a week. I even got a chance to wear a fabulous wedding dress made out of toilet paper. “I make a wonderful bride now I just need to meet mr right”

Hola a todos, hoy quiero compartir lo que hice este fin de semana. Fui a mi primer bridal shower. En español sería como una despedida de soltera pero mas elegante sin strippers. Me la pase súper bien celebrando la novia en su día. Asta yo me vestí de novio con mi vestido de paper de baño lol. Decidí usar este body suit me encanta como me quedo bien ajuste pero tiene tanta Lycra que se sentía muy cómodo es de H&M. Lo use con jeans y botas de tacones muy cómodo y simple pero cute lol



clearing out my makeup

vanity 6.jpgHey everyone this weekend i spend my day at home decluttering & organizing my makeup. My makeup vanity/desk is the one place that i can’t keep up. One day is super clean then i get ready and it looks like an explosion happen. I knew i had to do a makeup declutter i have a lot of makeup that was not getting used and expired. To be honest i thought i was going to get rid of more makeup than what i actually got rid off, but hey at least is a start. Before i used to be such a hoarder when it came to makeup i will just keep buying and buying until i realize i only have one face wtf am i doing with so much makeup? This habit of purchasing makeup left a hole in my pocket because i don’t know if you know, but makeup can get expensive. Now i try to keep my makeup to only items that i absolutely love and use.

Hola a todos este fin de semana, me pase el día en casa organizando mi maquillaje. Mi tocador / escritorio es el único lugar donde no puedo con el desorden. Un día está súper limpio, entonces me preparo y parece que ocurrió una explosión. Sabía que tenía que hacer un declutter de maquillaje. Tengo mucho maquillaje que no estaba siendo usado. Para ser honesta, pensé que iba a deshacerme de más maquillaje del que realmente me deshice, pero al menos es un comienzo. Antes me gustaba tener mucho maquillaje, seguía comprando y comprando hasta que me dé cuenta de que solo tengo una cara. ¿Qué hago con tanto maquillaje? Este hábito de comprar maquillaje me dejó un agujero en el bolsillo porque no sé si lo sabes, pero el maquillaje puede ser caro. Ahora trato de mantener mi maquillaje solo para los artículos que amo y uso absolutamente.

vanity 2

this is the before, everything ends up on the table fill with clutter and the drawer end up with makeup not in its right place. Just shove in there that’s what happens when im rushing.

este es el antes, todo termina en la mesa lleno de desorden y el cajón termina con maquillaje no en su lugar correcto. vanity 3

I start by taking everything out and cleaning the dividers because they can get so messy. This usually takes me some time because i start playing with all the makeup to see what i want to keep or toss. I put music on, drink my ice coffee (or wine, depends on the time of day)  and just enjoy the process of cleaning and organizing.

Empiezo por sacar todo y limpiar los separadores porque pueden ensuciarse mucho. Esto generalmente me toma algo de tiempo porque empiezo a jugar con todo el maquillaje para ver si quiero mantenerlo o tirarlo.vanity 7.jpg

vanity 8.jpg

vanity 9.jpg

Three Helpful question to ask yourself to declutter your makeup

  1. Have i used this within the past 6 months?
  2. Will i use this soon?
  3. Does it fit my style?

If the answer is no then just get rid of it. If is in good condition and not expired i usually past it down to my family like my sister or cousin.

Tres preguntas útiles para preguntarte a ti mismo para limpiar tu maquillaje

  1. He usado esto en los últimos 6 meses?
  2. Usaré esto pronto?
  3. Es mi estilo?

Si la respuesta es no, simplemente deshazte de ella. Si está en buenas condiciones y no expirado, generalmente se lo entrego a mi familia como mi hermana, prima.



HELLO 2019

2019.jpgHey everyone, yesterday we welcomed in the new year so exciting! I have a feeling this year is going to be amazing. Also wanted to share my new years eve outfit. I finally wore this jumpsuit which has been in my closet for to long now. Its from H&M. I love this jumpsuit it’s so comfy and is very cute, win win.  I love the material is very thin and sheer so perfect to attend a party where it might get hot. 22019Hola a todos, ayer recibimos el año nuevo muy emocionante! Tengo la sensación de que este año va a ser increíble. También quería compartir mi outfit de fin de año. Finalmente llevé este jumpsuit que ha estado en mi armario por mucho tiempo es de H&M. 


Wishing everyone a very blessed and happy New Years

Deseando a todos un próspero y Feliz Año Nuevo



Setting Goals For 2019

planner 5.jpg

Hello everyone, well another year that’s coming to an end. I am still in shocked at how fast this year went by. I am so glad its over, 2018 was an interesting year. Lets just say, It was a year of growth for me. To realize that when things fall apart is just to make room for the new that is coming in. I have learned a lot of lessons and had some major epiphanies. Something i am very into is personal development, I have learned so much about myself ever since i started taking time and getting to know myself more and allowing myself to want more. I realize this year that i was the one holding myself back.

Now i am planning my goals for 2019 i am so excited! I have never talked about the Laws of Attraction on my blog but this is something i have being studying for the last two years of my life. Learning how we can create our own realities based on our thoughts. During this year  2018 i finally manifested something that i wanted in my life now i have no doubt this really works.

      Books about the Laws Of Attraction

  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  • Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

planner 2.jpg

Now that i know this, is time to plan for an amazing 2019.  Time to think and set goals for new year. The way i plan out my year is by visualizing on the top ten things that i desire most in my life right now. I let myself get creative, think big, don’t hold anything back. (before i used to hold myself back, Not anymore)  I write it out  and i plan the month according to my goals. In order to accomplish your goals you must do the work first. This is the hardest part when it’s time to get focus and stick to your goals no matter what life is throwing at you. So discipline is very important. This is something that i struggle with, keeping discipline with my plans and maintain a balance in life. This is why i  also schedule/ or leave room in my planner to chill with friends. (I tend to neglect my friends i’m getting better at this)  I also leave room in my schedule to sometime just lay in bed and do absolutely nothing ( this is one of my fav hobby not sure if is good or am i just super lazy lol ) This is why i need a planner in my life because i set time for the important things. It keeps me on track with the things i must do and the things i am doing. I am able to see how many times i worked out during a month. Which is so helpful, because it allows me to see an almost like birds eye view of my month. If i have to many days with no workout i am able to see and say hey enough with the excuse i have to go to the gym. It really motivates me to start again and it helps me realize what have i been doing too much of and little of during the month.  The planner also helps me keep track of my habits because i am writing down the things that i am focusing on and doing daily.


planner 3.jpg

  • think of the top 10 things you desire in life ( write it out)
  • plan your month/ week/ day according to your goals. Always make sure you do one thing a day related to your goals.
  • follow up with your planner DAILY
  • this is my personal preference i love to decorate my planner make it super cute since it is something i used daily might as well make it cute/fun.
  • MAINTAIN  A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ( more on this on another post coming soon)

planner 4.jpg

Have fun planning  The Best Year ever!


It was a very happy Christmas

Hello everyone, wishing everyone a very happy joyful Christmas. My Christmas was awesome! let’s just say a lot has change and I am feeling so grateful and happy for life! We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve because for me and my family that’s Noche Buena which is basically our Christmas Day. We had a dinner / fun times with my family drinking, eating playing card games. Let’s just say things got intense in a round of Family Feud, my competitive side made an appearance lol. Ate way too much food but i mean that’s what the holidays are for to overindulgence for a day and enjoy it!

I have many things to be thankful for this Christmas and for that i am oh so grateful and happy.

IMG_0286.JPGHola a todos, deseando a todos una feliz Navidad. ¡Mi Navidad fue increíble! Digamos que mucho ha cambiado y me siento muy agradecida y feliz por la vida!  Me pase Nochebuena en familia Tuvimos una cena. Momentos divertidos con mi familia bebiendo, comiendo mucho y jugando cartas. Digamos que las cosas se pusieron intensas en una ronda de Family Feud. Mi lado competitivo hizo una apariencia jajaja. Y tambien Comí demasiada comida, pero quiero decir que para eso son las Navidad para comer lol y disfrutar. 

Dress and boots are both from H&M coat is from Uniqlo

Vestido y botas son de H&M abrigo de Uniqlo

This was at the end of the night Excuse my tipsy face lol 

I spend Christmas the day (25) in my pajamas all day at home watching movies and listening to music perfect way to end my Christmas.

Me pase el 25 en pijamas relajada en casa viendo películas de navidad!

IMG_0371 2

goodies santa brought me

regalitos que me trajo Santa