Hello darling, today i want to talk about coconut oil and the many ways i like to incorporated in my beauty routine. I use it for hair, makeup remover and even for my teeth.

Hair mask

I have been using coconut oil for years, especially for my hair. Is my secret to having beautiful healthy hair. My beauty routine definitely took a backseat during quarantine so for three months i stop doing my hair mask mostly out of laziness. I notice the difference after three months my hair wasn’t as shiny or soft and it was looking very dull. I started my routine back in the summer and now my hair is back to looking shiny and healthy I swear by this.

Make sure to use pure organic coconut oil ( not refined) the only ingredient should be coconut oil

what i like to do is put a hair mask on my hair preferably a couple hrs before washing my hair. Sometimes i do it overnight, if i know i will be washing my hair the following day. If i do it overnight to sleep with you are going to need like a shower cap something to prevent your pillow and bed sheets to not get messy with oil. I do this hair mask everytime I wash my hair every week and sometimes every 2 weeks.

If you want to used it straight from the bottle is fine. What i like to do for less mess and to make sure i get every strand of hair is add the oil to a spray bottle. I usually get the huge tube of coconut oil from Costco and/or Amazon. I put the oil in a cup and melt in microwave for like 30 seconds then i added to a spray bottle. Trust me this helps so much because it can get messy when your applying it. For the next use i put the spray bottle under hot water so it can melt. (If you live in a hot climate your coconut oil is usually in liquid form)

the spray bottle where i keep the oil for my hair mask

The benefits of doing coconut oil hair mask

Promote hair growth for longer hair

prevents hair breakage and split ends

add shine and makes hair softer

and also helps with dandruff

Oil Pulling

I read a book Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose there she talks about oil pulling and why is so good to do. So of course i started doing that. The ideal routine is to do daily put a tablespoon of coconut oil in mouth and just swish in mouth for around 10 mins before brushing teeth so as soon as you wake up.

i’ll be honest oil pulling is not my favorite in fact is disgusting. I started doing every day but that only lasted for about a week i usually do it like 3 times a week ( to get the benefits is recommended to do daily) I have not seen any benefits but as i’m writing this im telling myself i will do this daily just to inform you guys. The reason i’m having such a hard time to commit to it is because is disgusting and to last 10 min is a lot. usually by 5 min im like im done because you cannot swallow the oil and once i feel it in the back of my throat it makes me want to puke and thats when im like nope done. but it is something that i want to really commit to because it has great benefits. also you need time in morning to do this.

Benefits of oil pulling

Helps with bad breath

helps fight and prevent cavities

reduce inflammation of the gum and overall improves gum health

and it whitens teeth

coconut oil is a great Makeup remover

I have a small jar in the bathroom with coconut oil and i use it for removing my makeup. This works so good on my skin it removes everything especially waterproof mascara. It literally melts the makeup off my face. I previously purchased the clinique take the day off makeup remover and after using it just once i returned it and i’m sticking with my coconut oil. With the clinique i had to rub and usually with coconut oil the mascara melts off my eyelashes why spend $31 dollars when i already have coconut oil. I have acne prone skin this doesn’t break me out i wash my face right away because coconut oil clogs pores so make sure to wash face right away.

Coconut oil shaving cream

Yes i have used coconut oil as a shaving cream works wonders and leaves left feeling super smooth. the down size to this is that it makes the razor dull because of the oil so make sure to clean razor very well once done.

I would love to know if you use coconut oil as part of your beauty routine if so how would love to know? leave your comments down below

2 Comments on “the many ways I use coconut oil for my beauty routine

  1. Coconut oil is indeed an amazing ingredient for skin and hair. But i really did not know that rinsing mouth with coconut oil could be so helpful! This article is information stuffed and is very well written.
    Help us grow by going through our articles too!


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