Hello darlings, lately i noticed something that my hair scrunchies collection kept growing. I was organizing in my room when all of a sudden i realize i need a place for all my new hair scrunchies. I don’t quite remember when it started but let me tell you how im loving hair scrunchies. They are perfect to tide your hair in a pony and they don’t leave a huge mark on your hair like some other elastic hair ties. Not only are they super practical but also so cute and can totally be a fashion statement in your hair.

Also who else remember these clips from back in the days don’t quite know the specific name for them but they are in the picture above. I remember i used to use them all over my hair when i was younger perfect for those hair that didn’t want to stay slick down. These are smaller and black so if you have dark hair they blend so well they are not as obvious. perfect way to hold my hair when i do a ponytail and all the hairs don’t want to stay quite slick down.

Hola queridas, Hoy le quiero hablar de las gomas para el pelo, las scrunchies si las que usábamos antes cuando pequeña. Me acogido con eso ahora porque se ven tan bella en el pelo especialmente las de velvets. Pero me di cuenta de que mi colección está creciendo. Me la encuentro perfecta para hacer un low pony porque no me hacen tantas ondas en el pelo.

Who else remembers this episode now look at me lol

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