Hello darlings, lately i have started doing a basic manicure at home, no gel no acrylics just going back to basics. I always used to do my own manicure at home and then i got a bit spoiled doing gel and acrylics. Lets just say i am done with acrylics no more. They literally destroyed my nails and well i prefer a more natural look to my nails. I do like gel but it can also be damaging to the nails. I decided to do my nails like i always used to and i am so loving it. I wanted to share a quick manicure i do at home, my nails last for about a week.  IMG_1763


This is the before how horrible my nails were looking.

  1. first thing i do is filed them down i prefer short nails.
  2. I apply the Sally Hansen Instant cuticle remover. The best thing ever to get rid of cuticles.
  3. I push my cuticles back with a cuticle pusher and i also cut them if they need it with a cuticle cutter.  (it’s disgusting but so satisfying to do)
  4. then i buff them out using an old fashion buffer and lastly wash my hands and give my nails a really good scrub with a nail brush.

    IMG_1756 2

  5. Once im done they are ready for polish my favorite part. I am currently using the Essie smooth-e base coat. A base coat is a must to make polish last on the nails.IMG_1757 2
  6. For today’s color i decided to go for Essie mint candy apple ( the baby blue) perfect color for summer! The next color is the lavender loving that color.
  7. To top it off i use a gel top coat (gel without the uv light). Yes even if i didn’t apply the gel color i think is what makes my nails last longer. Currently i am using Liquid glass is a gel top coat i got from Amazon it’s amazing. For my next manicure i’ll be trying out the Essie gel top coat haven’t tried it yet.IMG_1758 3
  8.  To make sure my nails dry quickly i used the Sally Hansen Insta dri best thing ever to dry the nails fast. I also like to apply cuticle oil to make sure my mani looks extra shiny!

XO Rosaira (1)


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