Hello darlings, In time like these where we have to spend all our time at home. I know is not so easy for people to do. I’m a huge introvert myself so i’m quite used to being stuck in the house in my own little world. But even for me is feeling weird, I cant even go out and get a coffee or do my regular things that i usually do. I even miss riding the subway and that’s saying a lot since i hate that.  I had to get creative with my time at home and i’m actually enjoying it, might as well have a positive attitude in such confusing and anxious times.

C15D07F5-1AF7-46AC-8AF0-931BE6CF1C3C(My quarantine hair messy pigtails)

Hola queridas, sé que no está fácil para las personas en momentos como este, donde tenemos que pasar todo nuestro tiempo en casa.  Yo soy una persona media introvertida, así que estoy bastante acostumbrada a estar atrapada en la casa en mi mundo. Pero hasta a mí se me está siento raro. ni siquiera puedo salir a tomar un café o hacer las cosas que hago habitualmente. Incluso hasta extraño viajar en el metro y eso es mucho decir ya que odio eso. Tenía que ponerme creativa con mi tiempo en casa y realmente lo estoy disfrutando, estoy tratando en mantener una actitud positiva en tiempos tan confusos y ansiosos. Quiero compartir como estoy ocupando mi tiempo.

How im keeping busyIMG_0722

  • Im mostly focusing on my fitness, I’m always complaining that i need to lose weight but life struggles and the daily grind prevented me from really focusing on it. But now is different i have nothing but time on my side.

Estoy usando este tiempo para enfocarme más en hacer ejercicio. 

  • Reading is another way i’m keeping busy. I have always been a reader but now i’m focusing my attention on personal development books. Currently reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. an easy read but the amount of info in this book is a lot so i keep re reading it until i really get it.

Siempre he sido una persona que le gusta leer. Estoy usando este tiempo en leer libro más del desarrollo personal. EL libro que estoy leyendo ahora es Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  

  • Having dance party at home also cheers me up. I’m a huge music lover so putting my favorite music and dancing in front of the mirror has turned into a daily thing.

Escuchando música y ponerme a bailar como loca.

  • Since im home im focusing more on creating content for my blog.

usando mi tiempo para enfocarme más en este hobby mio de blog. 


  • Cleaning and organizing simply brings me joy. I love to clean and make my room look super pretty and organize.(except those damn cables ugh, lets ignore that)  I found extra knobs and drawer handle that i had previously purchased for my dresser. Decided to add them to my ikea furniture and give it a glam touch. I’m actually obsessed with how it looks now so much better. Like why didn’t i think of this before?

Limpiando y organizando todo lo que tengo es algo que me hace feliz. Me encanta cuando todo esta super limpio y organizado. Le di un pequeño makeover a mis muebles de Ikea con estos botones.


  • I have not been doing a lot of netflix and chilling. So many things to watch on Netflix. Everytime i try to pick something to watch i just end up overwhelmed can’t decide lol.  Instead i have been watching a lot of youtube focusing on personal development like listening to motivational speakers etc.

Algo que no estado haciendo es ver Netflix, hay tantas opciones que se me hace difícil en escoger algo para ver. Prefiero ver YouTube videos del desarrollo personal. 



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