Hello Darlings, January has been a month where I am completely focusing on my health, wellness, and beauty routine. I went shopping to my favorite store Marshalls and Tj Maxx and I stocked up on all my wellness and beauty needs.

This is what I picked up up at Tj Maxx



IMG_8104 2

  1. bebe jump rope ( this one has a counter so it counts for you love this feature)
  2. loofahs because I need to shower
  3. brush for my back (insane I didn’t have one before)
  4. Ecotools dry brush for face and body
  5. face mask from korea infused with gold and caviar sounds so extra so yes needed it.
  6. lip mask because my lips are superdry
  7. headband to tie my hair away from my face while I wash it
  8. water cup reminds me to drink more water while i’m at home
  9. shower cap

This is what I picked up at Marshalls


  1. Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner and is vegan and free from paraben wanted to try a paraben free shampoo so this is perfect.
  2. A crystal face roller wanted to give this a try and see if it makes my skin more beautiful!
  3. More Tea tree stuff this one is a tea tree lavender body wash smells so good.
  4. some insults for my running sneakers I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and it is painful this was a total must.
  5. organic tea for my digestion.




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