Hello darlings, My skin has been acting crazy lately. And by crazy i mean I’M BREAKING OUT WTFFF? ok let me stop being so dramatic but yes unfortunately i am suffering from a minor acne. I went on full on panic mode went to Ulta and came across this wonderful skin care line from the Body Shop. It’s perfect for blemish skin and its tea tree oil which is perfect for acne. I like the fact that this line is vegan all natural ingredients. I got this deluxe deal for only $39. I have been using it for over a month now and i see it’s helping with my breakouts. Also i must mention that i’m on this process of losing weight right? Like when you want to lose weight one must eat healthy and workout. Well my diet  currently is eat whatever the hell i am craving ( 70% of my diet is not healthy) but i am working out. Reason i am mentioning this is because i am pretty sure that my diet is definitely affecting my skin breaking out. Damn it, that means i have to stop fooling myself and just focus on eating healthy ( more on this on another post, let’s get back to my skin for now)



My acne It’s mostly on the right side of my face. I know is not so bad but for me this is horrible. As you can see is just on my cheek area and my left side is really not bad (hallelujah).

skin care 2

I first wash my face using the facial wash, i love the way this make my skin feel. Super clean and refreshing, well the entire line has a refreshing minty feeling once its apply to the skin.  Usually twice a week i will apply the mask i’ll leave it on my face for about 20 min. I love the way this mask makes my skin feel so minty and clean. Then with  a cotton pad i apply the mattifying toner all over my face. Then i go in with the tea tree oil drops, i apply this with my fingers focusing just on the spots where i am completely breaking out. I apply the mattifying lotion only at night because it dries out my skin.

sink care 1.jpg

skin care 3.jpg

During the day i follow the same steps, cleanse, toner, tea tree oil. I also like to use these two products. In the morning i apply the dark spot corrector fade serum because i do have a bit of dark acne marks and i want it gone asap. Lastly i moisturize my face with my favorite moisturizer during the winter. The Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. If you suffer from dry skin in the winter i highly recommend this stuff is very hydrating hence the name Intense Hydration. Lets hope this works wonders for my skin and next month i will be acne free!

skin care 4

XO Rosaira

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