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Hello everyone, for today’s post I wanted to share my new planner that I picked up at Michaels. I love Michael’s, there planner section is like heaven to my eyes.  I have always been a girl thats super into planners although I never used to stick to them, now I do. Planners help me stick to my goals and help me plan out my life better. They also help me see what i’m working towards and where im putting the most energy too. Right now I am planning out my life and creating bigger better goals for myself  and I needed (wanted) lol a more elegant looking planner, more chic.  I  was using a planner also from michaels as much I love that planner I really wanted a binder planner to me it looks more grown up. planner 2.jpg

what I’m using this planner for…

I am using this planner for a calendar. plan out my month. When bills are due and to get an overview of what my month is is going to look like.  Also for daily used, basically what i’m going to do on a daily basis. I have created a sections for goals and dreams. In this section I write down my goals and things I want to do in the future. (inspirations)   A section for health & fitness. As I mentioned before on last post I am currently working on losing weight and becoming a healthier me again. A planner sure helps me out alot. I plan my workouts, I track my meals for the day, and of course I have to track my progress and it helps to keep me motivated. I have a section for finance, It helps me plan for my future and see where exactly I am spending my money. This is a new habit I  am starting for myself so I had to included in the planner in order to help me stay on track of my spending. I have also Included a section for to do of course we all need a to do in our planner. and last a section for my blog where I write down all the blog topic I want to create on this blog.

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I love the fact that I get to customize my planner exactly how I want it. I love using cute stickers and cute paper clips and funky color pens to make it more personalize. I am a sucker for a good quote so I made sure I had some cute quotes in here as well. I would love know if your a fan of planners as well and what exactly you used your planner for?

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XO Rosaira



Time to get in shape

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share one of my goals that I am working towards and that is loosing this depression weight. As I shared on my last post how I gained so much weight due to me feeling down. I am happy and so focus on my life and I need to loose this weight. I have my closet full with so many cute clothes and I can’t wear them because they don’t fit. I lost a lot of weight and got in the best shape of my life and a year later I have gained all the weight back. At first I was super upset with myself but I have come to accept it, this year has been a roller coaster. Now is time to hit the gym and start focusing on becoming more healthier. So join me on this journey I will be keeping my blog updated with my progress. I would tell you how much I weight right now but then I will have to kill you lol how about let’s just leave that for when I actually hit me goal it will be less embarrassing then.

Hola, hoy quería compartir una de mis metas con las que estoy trabajando, y es perder de peso. Como compartí en mi última publicación, gané tanto peso debido a la depresión y por descuidarme. Pero por fin ahora me siento súper bien pero necesito perder este peso. Tengo mi armario lleno de tanta ropa bonita y no puedo usarla porque no me quedan. Perdí mucho peso y estuve en la mejor forma de mi vida y un año más tarde recuperé todo el peso. Al principio estaba muy molesto conmigo mismo, pero he llegado a aceptarlo, este año ha sido una montaña rusa. Ahora es el momento de ir al gimnasio y comenzar a concentrarme en estar más saludable. Así que únete a mí en este viaje, mantendré mi blog actualizado con mi progreso. Te diría cuánto peso en este momento, pero luego tendré que matarte jajaja, ¿qué te parece si dejamos eso para cuando realmente me acerque a la meta? Así no me da tanta vergüenza!


Xo Rosaira

My story with depression

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about something a bit more personal and that is the topic of depression and mental health. This summer was a crazy one for me and no I don’t mean the good kinda crazy, it was a depressing one. For the first time in my life I suffer from a depression. I thought I been depressed before but this time it was like no other. I was actually going through a depression from back in December and little by little it kept getting worse. I was working a job that drained my energy and it took a huge toll in my life. I wasn’t feeling like myself at all, I stopped caring about me. I was neglecting my needs and my desires. I started to neglect my appearance. I stopped working out, I never had energy to do so. I even stopped my vegetarian diet and I started eating junk food, that was not good for my body. Eventually I gained weight which let to me feeling more depressed. My days consisted of me being in bed in the dark I did not want to be seen, feeling super low. Eventually something in me had enough of  feeling sorry for myself and that’s when things started to shift. I started to read and educating myself on the topic of depression. I honestly don’t agree on how the western world handles depression, I knew pills was not going to fix me. It was something internal that I needed to acknowledge something with myself.  I started self reflecting asking myself very difficult question. Until I finally realized why I was feeling so down because I was not happy with the life I was living. I felt that my soul was guiding me to make changes and I was very resistant to those changes.

Now I can say that those hard times made me self reflect so much that I am actually happy that it happen. I mean I can say that now, but when I was going through it I could not see the light I felt I was stuck in darkness for forever. We as humans have to deal with so many obstacles and hurdle in life that is going to take a toll on us. I really felt that I was so unhappy and dealing with so much pressure and stress that my soul just wanted a time out to recuperate from life. I feel very blessed that I was able to unplug (quit life) for a short time and just take care of me. Once I started to listen to myself my intuition, things got better. It was like the cloud open up and let the sun shine on me again. Is not like my life change drastically no, but my mental did. I started to feel happy, I felt joyful again. By practicing gratefulness it made me realize how lucky and blessed my life is. I was focusing on the wrong things before which let me to so much unhappiness.  I also learned to accept that life is not always rainbows and sunshine we go through difficult moments in our life but that’s just a part of life to get us to grow become stronger and wiser. 

(if you are going through depression right now and cant handle it on your own please go get help or talk to someone)

Things I did to help me during my depression.

* study depression

* self reflection/ journaling

* meditate

* become more grateful/ gratefulness attitude

* Get rid of the entitlement mentality.

* spent a lot of time alone in nature (Central Park)

* surround myself with people that I love and love me (my family)

* watched/ listen to motivational speakers on you tube

Books I read that helped me

Feeling Good by David D. Burn, M.D

Unfu*k Yourself by John Bishop

Awaken The Giant Within by Toby Robbins

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

xo Rosaira