Hello darlings, for today’s post I wanted to share my new planner that I picked up at Michaels. I love Michael’s, there planner section is like heaven to my eyes.  I have always been a girl thats super into planners although I never used to stick to them, now I do. Planners help me stick to my goals and help me plan out my life better. They also help me see what i’m working towards and where im putting the most energy too. Right now I am planning out my life and creating bigger better goals for myself  and I needed (wanted) lol a more elegant looking planner, more chic.  I  was using a planner also from michaels as much I love that planner I really wanted a binder planner to me it looks more grown up.

planner fr

planner 5.jpg

planner 2.jpg

what I’m using this planner for…

I am using this planner for a calendar. plan out my month. When bills are due and to get an overview of what my month is is going to look like.  Also for daily used, basically what i’m going to do on a daily basis. I have created a sections for goals and dreams. In this section I write down my goals and things I want to do in the future. (inspirations)   A section for health & fitness. As I mentioned before on last post I am currently working on losing weight and becoming a healthier me again. A planner sure helps me out alot. I plan my workouts, I track my meals for the day, and of course I have to track my progress and it helps to keep me motivated. I have a section for finance, It helps me plan for my future and see where exactly I am spending my money. This is a new habit I  am starting for myself so I had to included in the planner in order to help me stay on track of my spending. I have also Included a section for to do of course we all need a to do in our planner. and last a section for my blog where I write down all the blog topic I want to create on this blog.

planner 3

I love the fact that I get to customize my planner exactly how I want it. I love using cute stickers and cute paper clips and funky color pens to make it more personalize. I am a sucker for a good quote so I made sure I had some cute quotes in here as well. I would love know if your a fan of planners as well and what exactly you used your planner for?

Collage planner 1

XO Rosaira



  1. Omg,such a cute planner .I do need a new one too , sadly we don’t have a Michael’s in this part of the world .Great post 💚❤


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