Perfect summer bag

Hey everyone, today I want to share a new bag that I recently got and I am loving it. I saw this bag in a store called Madrag for only $25. I love that is clear plastic I think is so perfect for the summer. I love to use it everyday as a bag but also love taking it to the park and also using it as a pool/beach bag. what do you guys think are you loving the clear see through trend?

By the way I have a toy bus in my bag because this day I was chilling with my 3 year old nephew and he loves buses so I had to bring it wherever we went lol 

Hola hoy le quiero compartir este bolso que compre reciente y es perfecto para el verano. Me encanta que es platico y es transparente. Es perfecto para llevar ala playa o al parque me súper encanta. Que creen de bolso transparente le gusta la idea? (Tengo un autobús de juguetes porque me pase el día con mi sobrino😂 )


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