Hello darlings, ok so today I want to share why I love Christmas and some of the reason that I hate Christmas.


Hola queridas, hoy le quiero compartir las cosas que más me gustan y que menos me gustan de la temporada Navideña.

What I love about the Christmas time

Christmas music they put me in such a jolly good mood.

Música navideña, me encanta!

It reminds me to be a kid again. Christmas time I get very nostalgic oh that amazing feeling when you open the present and it was a brand new Barbie.

Me a recuerda de cuando era niña abriendo los regalos y era una nueva Barbie.

All the beautiful decorations, Christmas lights everywhere.

Todas las decoraciones y luces.

Spending times with those who matter most, family.

Compartiendo con mi familia y lo que más quiero.

Wearing xmas pjs being cozy on the couch watching the Hallmark channel. Oh I love me a Hallmark Christmas movie as corny as they are I still love them.

Ver películas de navidad acotada en el mueble lo mejor!

Christmas Eve, when the entire family get together. We all wear our Christmas outfit and have Christmas dinner yumm oh and the cocktails.

Noche buena cuando se reúnen la familia disfrutando la noche comiendo y bebiendo.

It’s the happiest time of the year!

Es la temporada más alegre.

What I hate about Christmas

Christmas has become such a consumerism, materialistic, greedy holiday. It’s all about the gifts and that pisses me off. I hate that we put so much pressure on ourselves to buy buy buy. I mean it all starts with black Friday how people just go insane over “deals.” People go broke spending so much to buy things for their love ones because they feel that if they don’t spend enough their love ones won’t like it. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself also, but the wiser I get I’m starting to see that we shouldn’t focus so much on the gifts. But more on having the Christmas spirit and showing love to everyone. Now I still do buy my love ones Christmas gift but I don’t go all out and I sure don’t drive myself bankrupt just to do so. If I can only afford to get my love ones chocolate that’s all they are going to get. If they feel like I love them less for that then we have some serious issues. My point is I don’t let friends, family, society drive me insane and I don’t let the pressure get to me. I’ll buy my love ones a gift because I honestly want too not because I have to. I myself don’t ask for anything for Christmas if a person wants to get me something do it because they want to because honestly I’m not expecting anything from anyone but love and a good time.

Lo que no me gusta de la navidad es el consumismo de esta temporada. Todo el mundo se olvida que la navidad no nadamas se trata de regalos. Para mí la navidad se trata de familia, amor, estar feliz y paz en el mundo. Pero la sociedad en la que vivimos se enfoca tanto en que comprar. Aquí en los Estados Unidos la gente se vuelve loca y también gastan todo lo que tienen para comprar cosas para sus seré querido que se olvidan disfrutar. El punto es que la navidad no sólo se trata de regalos. Y si no puedes comprarles cosas caras a tu seres queridos eso no importa. El comprar no es la única manera de enseñar tú amor y apreciación con la familia.

Xo Rosaira

2 Comments on “My love/hate relationship with Christmas

  1. Yes I agree, you see it every year, I know people personally myself get into debt buying presents, just doing the most with presents side of things. Exactly I’m just grateful for whatever a person gets me, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get ton of presents, or the latest iPad etc..

    Anyway Merry Christmas xx


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