Allow me to reintroduce myself

Hello everyone, one thing I notice since I started this blog was that I never introduced myself how rude of me. Today I wanted to introduce my self and get a little personal, after all this is a personal blog. Hi world, my name is Rosaira Arias I know it’s a bit difficult to pronounce if you don’t speak Spanish. I have a nick name Rosy due to the issue that so many people find my name so difficult to say. I actually used to dislike my name for this reason but the older I got the more I said screw that my name is fabulous, I love it. If others have a difficult pronouncing it too bad. Enough with my name let’s talk about the reason why I started this hobby in the first place. The reason for this blog I remember back in 2009 I came across a blogger. She was a personal blogger sharing all her fashion likes and sharing her life on a website. I fell in love with her blog and with the idea of blogging. I still follow her to this day. That was the day I was introduced to the world of blogging. I knew that I also wanted to create my own blog. Where I get to share myself all my interest fashion, beauty, life, and many others. As you can see that was back in 2009 it is now 2017 and I am finally doing it. (Took me long enough) The truth is I started comparing myself to every successful blogger out there. Thoughts of maybe I’m not good enough, and I don’t have a photographer you know that annoying voice of doubt crept in and too be honest it paralyzed me for too long. But then I kept hearing another voice that kept telling me start it already the desire just wouldn’t go away and well here we are. Finally creating my own space in this online world. It’s only the beginning, I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this blog but ever since I started sharing on here the more my love for it keeps on growing. I would love if this passion of mine actually turned into a business that’s one of my dream. Until then time will tell and I would just keep on following my passion and hope you guys enjoy the things I create. Let me tell you a little of my background I was born in the Dominican Republic an island in the Caribbean right next to Haiti. My family and I moved to New York City when I was 8 years old. I grew up in NYC and I am still living here till this day. I have a love and hate relationship with this city more on that in a different post. Thank you for all the love! All the comments and followers I have received makes me so freaking happy thank you. welcome and buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy and very exciting journey!

Hola a todos, una cosa que me note desde que comencé este blog fue que nunca me presenté. Hoy quería presentarme y ser un poco personal. Hola mundo, mi nombre es Rosaira Arias. El motivo de este blog es recuerdo en 2009 me encontré con una blogger. Ella era una blogger personal compartiendo todos sus gustos de la moda y compartiendo su vida en un blog. Me enamoré de su blog y con la idea de bloguear. Todavía la sigo hasta este día. Ese fue el día en que me presentaron al mundo de los blogs y me encanto la idea. Sabía que también quería crear mi propio blog. Donde pudiera compartir mi interés por la moda, la belleza, la vida y muchas otras cosas. Como pueden ver, eso fue en 2009, ahora es 2017 y finalmente lo estoy haciendo. (Me tomó suficiente tiempo) La verdad es que comencé a compararme con cada blogger exitosa que hay. La voz de miedo y de inseguridad me asusto y me paraliso por mucho tiempo. Pero luego escuché otra voz que me decía que comenzara ya,  el deseo simplemente no se me iba y bueno, aquí estamos. Finalmente creando mi propio espacio en este mundo de blogs. Es solo el comienzo, no sé exactamente a dónde voy con este blog, pero desde que comencé a compartirlo, más mi amor por él sigue creciendo. Me encantaría que esta pasión mía se convirtiera en un negocio  ese us uno de mi sueño. Hasta entonces el tiempo dirá y yo solo seguiré siguiendo mi pasión y espero que ustedes disfruten de las cosas que creo. Permítanme contarles un poco sobre mis antecedentes. Nací en la República Dominicana, una isla en el Caribe justo al lado de Haití. Mi familia y yo nos mudamos a la ciudad de Nueva York cuando tenía 8 años. Crecí en Nueva York y todavía vivo aquí hasta este día. Tengo una relación de amor y odio con esta ciudad más sobre eso en una publicación diferente. ¡Gracias por todo el amor! Todos los comentarios y seguidores que he recibido me hacen sentir tan feliz. Gracias.

P.s yo se que el español mio no esta muy bien. Se me encuentra tan dificil de expresarme y escribir en español pero poco a poco voy aprendiendo mas y mas. Me acostumbre de masiado hablar el ingles que el espanol se me esta hiyendo y no quiero que eso pase.


Xo Rosaira


6 thoughts on “Allow me to reintroduce myself

  1. Cool, it’s nice to get to know you little bit better. I also worry about the quality of my blog, but still carried on lol, don’t know how long been blogging for years now, but it’s something I think oh should be more successful, but then I think it’s ok I’m not in a race, no deadline. I’m glad I be part of your journey of blogging, I can be like yeah I knew her from before 😊. Xx


    1. Aww thank you omg ur comment just made my day thank you. This is something that you just have to do for yourself and if you connect with others great if not just keep doing it for you. Who knows what doors this may open or what the universe has in store that’s what I tell myself with this blogging thing. It’s Definitely not a race well just a race with yourself to keep improving.

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