Hello darlings, today I wanted to share my outfit because I love it. it’s such a me outfit! Is a very casual yet put together look perfect for work (if your work allows you to wear jeans) if not just add some trousers and perfect. Since my hair is not looking its best (let’s blame my sweaty gym sessions ugh) I just put it up in a high pony and did a fishtail braid. It came out super cute. I added a red lip because stripes and leopard looks so good with red accessories.

Hola queridas, Hoy le quiero compartir mi outfit del día. Me encanta las rayas en blanco y negro y combinarlo con estampado de leopardo. Lo combiné con un labio rojo porque el rojo se ve tan bonito con esto colores/estampado. Un outfit perfecto para el trabajo (si no puedes usar jeans usas pantalones de vestir) me hice una cola alta y me le puse una trenza de pescado. Perfecto peinado para cuando el cabello está un poco sucio. 

What I’m wearing

Shirt: H&M

Jeans and shoes : Oldnavy

Bag: Michael Kors

Lip: wet & wild liquid lipstick in Missy & fierce

Xo Rosaira

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