Before/ Antes 


Seriously this was my vanity table before, it was supper clutter and i just used to pile up everything on it. Then i realized i just have too much stuff i was not using, so what’s the point of keeping things i don’t used right. That’s when i started decluttering everything all my makeup/ hair accessories. If you want to see the process then click here  Now it looks so much better. It finally looks cute and clutter free and i look forward to getting ready in the morning. I promise i will keep it this way! I realized I just can’t focused when I have a clutter space.

ya vieron el desastre que tenía, antes tenía demasiadas cosa que no necesitaba. Decidir sacar todo y botar las cosas que no estaba utilizando. Cosas de maquillaje y cosas para el cabello si quieren ver el proceso dale click aquí y finalmente ya tengo mi tocador limpio y organizado con el maquillaje que si uso. Esto me hace super feliz y prometo mantenerlo organizado siempre! 


After/ Despues


Xo Rosaira

6 Comments on “vanity makeover/ Declutter

  1. Wow, your vanity looks so much cleaner and more beautiful! I love how glossy and glamorous everything looks! Great job with your blog so far and can’t wait to read the next makeup post! Have a great day! xoxo


  2. Honestly it’s so easy for space to get messy, even when you not around, still create mess lol, I like your little corner x


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