Hello darlings, this past weekend I had another family day at the beach and celebrating my bday as well. I love family beach day where we spend the entire day at the beach doing BBQ swimming and relaxing. It was also my bday 2 weeks ago so I’m a bit late posting this. The older I get the more I like to celebrate my bday With family and not making a big deal about it. I remember when I was younger my bday came around and I used to make it such a big deal going out and celebrating and now I am more content with staying low key. Funny how that has change. Have any of you guys change like that when it comes to bday? Let me know.

Hola queridas, este fin de semana fui con la familia para la playa. Y también estaba celebrando mi cumpleaño. Antes me encantaba celebrar el cumpleaño irme de fiesta y todo eso y ahora como que me gusta pasármelo más tranquila. Y eso fue lo que hice con la familia en la playa haciendo bbq. A ustedes le an pasado lo mismo, con los cumpleaños le gustan celebrarlo con fiesta o más tranquilo? Me dejan saber. 

Xo Rosaira

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