Hello darlings, this past weekend I went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Now if you never heard of Williamsburg it’s a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and it’s super trendy. Here you will find a lot of street arts everywhere,  and a lot of super trendy cool hipsters. Seriously just come and people watch you will see so many cool street fashion. You will also get some amazing views of NYC skyline and a lot of super trendy restaurants and coffee shops. I went this past Saturday to enjoy the day and this is what I decided to wear.

Hola queridas, este pasado fin de semana fui para Williamsburg Brooklyn. Si nunca a oído de Williamsburg es un barrio en Brooklyn, NY que está de moda. Aquí se van tantos hipsters y mucha arte por todos parte. Es un buen lugar para ir y ver mucho street fashion. También se ve una vista bien linda de NYC. Aquí hay muchos trendy restaurantes y cafés para disfrutar. Este fue mi outfit.

Xo Rosaira

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