Hello darlings, ok so I have an obsession right now and that is with hoop earrings. I never been the girl that wears hoop earrings. I never liked them never been into them and I mean NEVER. In fact I actually used to hate hoop earrings seriously. So what’s going on now? I have no idea all I know is that I’m having my love of hoop earrings moment. I don’t know what change was it my style? Trends perhaps, who knows. But I love the fact that they come in so many different sizes. I still haven’t got the courage to rock the super huge one. (I’m still on the fence with those) I went a bit crazy at forever 21 well I bought 2 packs  and another from Old Navy. They all come with a variation of different size and style. I wanted to play around with them see which ones I’m really loving.  I’m having too much fun wearing hoop earrings at the moment!

Hola queridas, tengo una obsesión y es con aretes de argollas oh como le digo en inglés “hoop earrings.” Estoy muy sorprendida porque nunca pero nunca me an gustado las argollas. Y ahora la estoy usando diario.No se  exacto que me pasó? El estilo está cambiando o differerente moda. pero lo que si se, es que me encanta. Como ven con las fotos me volví loca compre dos de Forever 21 y otro de Old Navy. Quería tratar diferentes estilo y tamaño. Todavía no me tratado las argollas  súper grande (todavía no me gustan.) Pero si me encanta las argollas de tamaño pequeño a mediano. 

Xo, Rosaira

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