The pearl bag

Hello everyone, today I want to share my latest obsession the beaded bag/ pearl bag. This bag crossed my path in Forever 21 and I just knew it had to be mine. It’s so cute! To my surprise it’s a decent size and holds my essentials Cardholder, keys, phone, chapstick/lipsticks.

¡Hola! Hoy le quiero compartir mi nueva obsesión que es el bolso de perla. Encontré este bolso en Forever 21 y le juro que fue amor a primera vista fue hecho para mi. Me encanta esta tan lindo y si es pequeño pero hay espacio para mi esenciales billetera, cellular, llaves, y mi labial.

And to think when I first came across this trend I was not the biggest fan of it but of course I changed my mind and now it went from ugh to obsession lol

Cuando esta moda empezó yo estaba pensando como no eso no es para mi, no me gustaba y ahora me encanta tanto.

Not only that but then I went to some random store in my neighborhood and it found me the perfect pearl cellphone bag. It’s a small cross body bag just for the cellphone it’s the most practical thing ever. I always have my cell in my hand and now I can keep it so close to me in my cellphone bag. The worst thing ever is when I lose my phone in the bottom of my bag so frustrating. Now I can keep it so close to me and did I mentioned is also pearl omgggggg.

What do you guys think of this latest trend are you obsessed as I am or don’t really care for it let me know.

Y para el colmo yo entré a una tienda cerca de mi casa y encontré un bolso para el celular también de perla. Ósea, perfecto! Yo quería un bolso para el celular, me lo encuentro tan perfecto. siempre tengo el cell en las manos porque si me lo hecho en el bolso se pierde en el fondo. Y con este bolso siempre lo llevo cerca y es de perla!

Y ustedes que piensan de esta moda, están un poco obsesionada como yo o no le importa déjenme saber.



Girl time and Rosé weekend

Hey guys this weekend was a very chill one spend time with my sis and cousin and drank a bit too much rosé, like that’s ever a bad thing.

Girls night in consisted mostly of

  • Girl talk
  • Facials
    Reality tv catching up on The Hills New Beginning. (Can’t believe is back)

Also how cute is my dress! I am loving flowy girly dresses for summer. They are perfect for hot weather since they are so light. This one I got at Target not so long ago and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect dress to twirl around in. (Bringing back my inner child)

Recent purchases from Ulta & Marshall’s

  • Silk sleeping mask
  • Elf makeup removers
  • Real technique complexion sponge
  • Maybelline the falsies push-up drama mascara water proof
  • Valjean Labs face oil morning glow & overnight repair
  • Revolution London glitter palette (totally an impulse buy but couldn’t say no to all the glittery colors)


It’s a boat party

Hello everyone, this past weekend I went on a boat party to celebrate a friends bday. It was so much fun! 13 girls on a boat bikinis and tequila, yes it was wild. I let loose drank and forgot all about responsibilities you just have to do that sometimes. 

¡Hola! hoy quiero compartir mi fin de semana fui para un cumple de una amiga fue una fiesta de mujeres en un bote y mucho tequila! Súper divertido

I wore this adorable romper from H&M ahhh I love it so comfy.

Me puse este romper de H&M súper cómodo

I recently got this swimsuit at H&M I love the cut omg its so flattering and forgiving it hides the belly perfectly. I love that is white and it has gold glitter perfect for me.

Me compre este bikini de H&M reciente me lo encontré perfecto. Los panties son altos y cubren todo lo que no quieres enseñar. Me encanto el color blanco con brillo de oro perfecto para mi.

This was after the party I was in a drunken state and totally feeling myself. LOL


De cluttering with The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Hello everyone, it’s been a while and next thing you know it’s finally summer yayyy! I love summer so happy is here. This past weekend i did a lot of organizing and decluttering. I read the book “the holy grail” I swear this book is everywhere and now it has turned into a show on Netflix. And yes I am talking about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. and life changing it is. I read the book a while back, it makes complete sense to me. Is basically about living with less stuff and only keeping the things that truly brings you joy. I don’t know about you guys but I have a lot of stuff especially clothes, shoes and bags you know fashion things that we girls love. It was becoming a nightmare for me to find anything to wear in my closet, that I just kept repeating outfits (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but because my closet was so full to the point where I had no space to browse. Yes it was bad! I got a bit overwhelmed to even go through it. So I finally took a weekend and decided to just get rid of clothes so I can have room for the clothes that I actually love

This was a nightmare after I literally took every piece of clothing out of my closet i started feeling anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time. I looked at the pile and seriously I wanted to cry holy shit my closet is small but it can definitely fit a lot of stuff. But I did managed to get rid off three large garbage bags fill to the max with clothes, shoes and bags I no longer loved, it felt great. Now I have room in my closet to browse through my clothes, I can shop my closet again! This was a process that took me all weekend I started Friday night and finish Sunday.

This was the final result. I know your probably like you still have a lot of stuff and yes I agree but is way less than before. Now I have empty hangers and I can easily maneuver through my clothes something that before I couldn’t do. I will do this process again towards the end of summer and hopefully get rid off more stuff.

I even declutter my jewelry and all the extra crap that accumulates over time. Less is more is a phrase that I’m constantly repeating to myself now. There something about having less stuff that is really resonating with me.

Hola a todos, ha pasado un tiempo pero final mente es verano yayyy! Me encanta el verano, así que estoy súper feliz que está aquí. Este fin de semana pasado hice mucha organización y decluttering. Leí el libro Magia Del Orden de Marie Kondo. Juro que este libro está en todas partes y ahora se ha convertido en un programa en Netflix. Leí el libro hace un tiempo, tiene mucho sentido para mí. Básicamente, se trata de vivir con menos cosas y solo mantener las cosas que realmente te traen alegría. No sé ustedes, pero tengo muchas cosas, especialmente ropa, zapatos y bolsos cosas de moda que nos encantan a las chicas. se me estaba convirtiendo en una pesadilla para encontrar algo que ponerme en mi armario. Estaba repitiendo atuendos (no es que haya nada de malo en eso, claro que no), sino porque mi armario estaba tan lleno hasta el punto que no tenía espacio para navegar. Así que tomé un fin de semana y decidí simplemente deshacerme de la ropa que ya no amo para tener espacio para la ropa que realmente amo.

Esto fue una pesadilla después de que literalmente saqué cada prenda de ropa de mi armario. Comencé a sentirme ansioso y abrumado al mismo tiempo. Miré la pila y, en serio, quería llorar, mierda, mi armario es pequeño pero definitivamente puede caber muchas cosas. Pero logré deshacerme de tres bolsas de basura grandes llenas al máximo con ropa, zapatos y bolsas que ya no amaba, me sentí muy bien. Ahora tengo espacio en mi armario para buscar! Este fue un proceso que me llevó todo el fin de semana. Comencé el viernes por la noche y terminé el domingo.

Este fue el resultado final. Sé que probablemente esté diciendo aún tienes muchas cosas. y sí, estoy de acuerdo pero es mucho menos que antes. Ahora tengo colgadores vacíos y puedo mover fácilmente a través de mi ropa, algo que antes no podía hacer. Volveré a hacer este proceso hacia el final del verano y espero deshacerme de más cosas.

XO Rosaira

Recap of last week outfits

Hey everyone, I swear I need a better greeting (working on that) for today’s post I want to share my outfits that I wore last week.

Hola hoy quería compartir mis favoritos looks que use la semana pasada.

I love this outfit because it’s all black my fav and I love the pop of color with my pink bomer jacket.

Me encanta este look, me encanta un outfit negro completo y añadirle accesorios de color para darle el toque final.

Another piece of clothing that I’m loving especially now for the spring/summer is white bottom down shirts. I love it you can do so much with it so many different options of styling it. My fav is wearing it with jeans and a cute pair of flats.

Otra pieza que me encanta especialmente ahora para la primavera/ verano es una camisa blanca. Puedes crear tanto looks con solo esta pieza. Mi favorito es usarlo con jeans y unos flats. (Zapatos bajos)

Another black and white outfit I just can’t help myself I love all black and white & black. There something about these colors together just look so effortlessly chic.

Otro outfit en blanco y negro. Siempre cambios la piezas que uso pero claro que tiene que ver un look en blanco y negro. Esta combinación es otro de mi favorito es tan simple pero luce súper chic.

A good blazer with jeans I’m becoming obsessed, this outfit is a go to of mine. So simple but you can create so many different outfits with it. You can always dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

Me encanta usar una chaqueta (blazer) con jeans estoy un poco obsesionada. Es un look tan fácil y puedes crear tanto diferente looks con esta dos piezas.