New Wet n Wild lipsticks

Hello darlings, wanted to share so new lipsticks i found from Wet n Wild. I was at Rite aid two weeks ago buying body wash when ofcourse i had to browse the makeup aisle and i came across these new lippies. What really caught my attention was the price so cheap. I’m a huge fan of Wet n Wild because they are so affordable but they are also vegan and cruelty free how awesome! I thought the concept was cool because they have a white line and a black line. so the white are more in the glossy side and the black are matte. I love my reds all shades of reds so all the colors i got look very similar but if you know color they are very different.

Hola queridas, hoy le quiero compartir unos labiales que me compre de rite aid de una de mi línea favorita que es Wet n Wild. Me gusta esta linea porque es super barata y es vegana.  Estos labiales son nuevo el del empaque negro son labiales mate y el del empaque blanco son con brillos. 


This is a beautiful light glossy red #1111436 Crimson Crime. This is a really nice light glossy red perfect for a summer days.

este es llama crimson crime un rojo claro con mucho brillo.


I got a nude one from the glossy line this is #1111428 Clothes off its a mauve pink neutral very shiny. This is a perfect everyday color.

Este es clothes off es un rosado super neutral y con mucho brillo. Es perfecto para todos los días.


This is #1111417 stoplight red is a very bright red but what i really like about it is that is super matte.

este es stoplight red un puro rojo mate.

The last one i got #1111418 sexpot red i will say this is my favorite one it reminds me of a brick wall red. This is the perfect shade of red for fall.

El último es sexpot red mi favorito un rojo como de ladrillo un poco más oscuro y mate. Este es perfecto para cuando llegue el otoño. 


They are regular lipstick so they do come off the matte last longer on the lips the glossy ones are nice because of the glossy look to the lips but they do come off much quicker.



XO Rosaira (1)




How and why i shave my face

Hello darlings, yes you read that right shave my face? what? This has been a part of my beauty routine since forever. I always had a lot of sideburn hair which made me feel a bit insecure and it just doesn’t look good. I remember hating my sideburns hair so much a used to bleach it with like a bleach kit for facial hair, it was horrible the hair on my face turned blonde. It was so obvious and just a mess. I finally started using a face razor to shave it which works great. The only drawback was that it irritated my face. I came across the Flawless commercial on tv and it just sucked me in. Im very glad because it has become part of my beauty routine.  I feel that makeup applies more flawlessly when i have a hair free complexion.  To see my routine click here for video.

The before and after picture how it removes all my facial hairs.



IMG_8804 2

Hola queridas, sí, leíste bien ¿afeitarme la cara? ¿Qué? Esto ha sido parte de mi rutina de belleza desde siempre. Siempre tuve mucho pelo en las patillas, lo que me hizo sentir un poco inseguro y simplemente no se ve bien. Recuerdo que odiaba tanto el pelo de las patillas que solía blanquearlo como un kit de blanqueador para el vello facial, fue horrible que el cabello de mi cara se volviera rubio. Era tan obvio y solo un desastre. Finalmente comencé a usar una afeitadora facial para afeitarme, lo que funciona muy bien. El único inconveniente era que me irritaba la cara. Encontré el comercial Flawless en televisión y me atrapó. Estoy muy feliz porque se ha convertido en parte de mi rutina de belleza. Siento que el maquillaje se aplica más perfectamente cuando tengo un rostro sin vello. Para ver mi rutina, haga clic aquí para ver el video.


XO Rosaira (1)


Quick at home manicure

Hello darlings, lately i have started doing a basic manicure at home, no gel no acrylics just going back to basics. I always used to do my own manicure at home and then i got a bit spoiled doing gel and acrylics. Lets just say i am done with acrylics no more. They literally destroyed my nails and well i prefer a more natural look to my nails. I do like gel but it can also be damaging to the nails. I decided to do my nails like i always used to and i am so loving it. I wanted to share a quick manicure i do at home, my nails last for about a week.  IMG_1763


This is the before how horrible my nails were looking.

  1. first thing i do is filed them down i prefer short nails.
  2. I apply the Sally Hansen Instant cuticle remover. The best thing ever to get rid of cuticles.
  3. I push my cuticles back with a cuticle pusher and i also cut them if they need it with a cuticle cutter.  (it’s disgusting but so satisfying to do)
  4. then i buff them out using an old fashion buffer and lastly wash my hands and give my nails a really good scrub with a nail brush.

    IMG_1756 2

  5. Once im done they are ready for polish my favorite part. I am currently using the Essie smooth-e base coat. A base coat is a must to make polish last on the nails.IMG_1757 2
  6. For today’s color i decided to go for Essie mint candy apple ( the baby blue) perfect color for summer! The next color is the lavender loving that color.
  7. To top it off i use a gel top coat (gel without the uv light). Yes even if i didn’t apply the gel color i think is what makes my nails last longer. Currently i am using Liquid glass is a gel top coat i got from Amazon it’s amazing. For my next manicure i’ll be trying out the Essie gel top coat haven’t tried it yet.IMG_1758 3
  8.  To make sure my nails dry quickly i used the Sally Hansen Insta dri best thing ever to dry the nails fast. I also like to apply cuticle oil to make sure my mani looks extra shiny!

XO Rosaira (1)



How to stay busy during quarantine time

Hello darlings, In time like these where we have to spend all our time at home. I know is not so easy for people to do. I’m a huge introvert myself so i’m quite used to being stuck in the house in my own little world. But even for me is feeling weird, I cant even go out and get a coffee or do my regular things that i usually do. I even miss riding the subway and that’s saying a lot since i hate that.  I had to get creative with my time at home and i’m actually enjoying it, might as well have a positive attitude in such confusing and anxious times.

C15D07F5-1AF7-46AC-8AF0-931BE6CF1C3C(My quarantine hair messy pigtails)

Hola queridas, sé que no está fácil para las personas en momentos como este, donde tenemos que pasar todo nuestro tiempo en casa.  Yo soy una persona media introvertida, así que estoy bastante acostumbrada a estar atrapada en la casa en mi mundo. Pero hasta a mí se me está siento raro. ni siquiera puedo salir a tomar un café o hacer las cosas que hago habitualmente. Incluso hasta extraño viajar en el metro y eso es mucho decir ya que odio eso. Tenía que ponerme creativa con mi tiempo en casa y realmente lo estoy disfrutando, estoy tratando en mantener una actitud positiva en tiempos tan confusos y ansiosos. Quiero compartir como estoy ocupando mi tiempo.

How im keeping busyIMG_0722

  • Im mostly focusing on my fitness, I’m always complaining that i need to lose weight but life struggles and the daily grind prevented me from really focusing on it. But now is different i have nothing but time on my side.

Estoy usando este tiempo para enfocarme más en hacer ejercicio. 

  • Reading is another way i’m keeping busy. I have always been a reader but now i’m focusing my attention on personal development books. Currently reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. an easy read but the amount of info in this book is a lot so i keep re reading it until i really get it.

Siempre he sido una persona que le gusta leer. Estoy usando este tiempo en leer libro más del desarrollo personal. EL libro que estoy leyendo ahora es Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  

  • Having dance party at home also cheers me up. I’m a huge music lover so putting my favorite music and dancing in front of the mirror has turned into a daily thing.

Escuchando música y ponerme a bailar como loca.

  • Since im home im focusing more on creating content for my blog.

usando mi tiempo para enfocarme más en este hobby mio de blog. 


  • Cleaning and organizing simply brings me joy. I love to clean and make my room look super pretty and organize.(except those damn cables ugh, lets ignore that)  I found extra knobs and drawer handle that i had previously purchased for my dresser. Decided to add them to my ikea furniture and give it a glam touch. I’m actually obsessed with how it looks now so much better. Like why didn’t i think of this before?

Limpiando y organizando todo lo que tengo es algo que me hace feliz. Me encanta cuando todo esta super limpio y organizado. Le di un pequeño makeover a mis muebles de Ikea con estos botones.


  • I have not been doing a lot of netflix and chilling. So many things to watch on Netflix. Everytime i try to pick something to watch i just end up overwhelmed can’t decide lol.  Instead i have been watching a lot of youtube focusing on personal development like listening to motivational speakers etc.

Algo que no estado haciendo es ver Netflix, hay tantas opciones que se me hace difícil en escoger algo para ver. Prefiero ver YouTube videos del desarrollo personal. 




How I organize my jewelry and perfumes

Hello darlings, still doing a lot of organizing around the house. I decided to organize my jewelry and get rid of a few things that were tarnish and that were not my style anymore. This is how i stored my jewelry i like to have a lot of things out on sight because i tend to forget what i have, or sometimes i keep wearing the same jewelry over and over if i don’t see the other things i have. After trying out so many ways to stored my jewelry this is what is working best for me. Everything is out on sight but is still very organize and pleasing to the eyes.


Hola queridas, Todavía estoy organizando mucho en la casa, decidí organizar mis joyas. Me gusta tener muchas cosas a la vista porque tiendo a olvidar lo que tengo o, a veces, sigo usando las mismas joyas una y otra vez si no veo las otras cosas que tengo. Después de probar tantas formas de guardar mis joyas, esta manera es la que funciona mejor para mí. Todo está a la vista, pero sigue siendo muy organizado y agradable a la vista.


I like to keep everything matching with the rest of my room decor so a lot of gold everywhere. Most of my jewelry is gold i sometimes where silver but that rarely happens. My chains and bracelet i keep in this marble stand i got this a while ago at Forever 21 (i know i was so surprise when i saw it)

Me gusta mantener todo a juego con el resto de la decoración de mi habitación, así que mucho oro en todas partes. La mayoría de mis joyas son de oro, a veces uso plata. Mis cadenas y brazalete que guardo en este soporte de mármol. 

I like to keep my rings in this ring tray such a cute way to display it out. I also have two other trays, In the smallest i like to keep my small earrings like little studs. In the bigger one i keep more of my bigger earrings that i like to wear on rotation.

Me gusta mantener mis anillos en esta bandeja de anillos, una forma tan linda de mostrarlos. También tengo otras dos bandejas, en la más pequeña me gusta mantener mis aretes pequeños. En el más grande guardo más de mis aretes más grandes que me gusta usar frecuente.


I also have this acrylic storage from Muji. In the first three drawers i keep alot of my other earrings the ones that i don’t wear as often. I love these acrylic storage because i can still see what i have inside ( im a very visual person i need to see what i have) but it still looks very pleasing to the eyes.

Tengo esta gavetas de acrílico de Muji. En los primeros tres cajones guardo muchos de mis otros aretes que no uso con tanta frecuencia. Me encanta estas gavetas de acrílico porque todavía puedo ver lo que tengo adentro (soy una persona muy visual, necesito ver lo que tengo) pero todavía se ve muy agradable a los ojos.

In the last two drawers i keep my hair accesories (headbands)

En los últimos dos cajones me gusta guardar mis accesorios para el pelo. 


I decided to put all my perfumes, body sprays, and lotions in this beautiful gold tray.  The rose gold candle holder is where i keep my roller balls and smaller perfumes.

Decidí poner todos mi perfumes, cremas etc en esta bandeja color oro super linda. 




Drugstore Beauty Haul

Hello darlings, It’s been a while since i stopped at the drugstore and picked up some beauty products. That’s exactly what i did. I went to Rite Aid basically for one thing and then i went to the makeup aisle and well this is what happen.




Hola queridas, ha pasado un tiempo desde que paré en la farmacia y recogí algunos productos de belleza. Eso es exactamente lo que hice, fui a Rite Aid básicamente por una cosa y luego fui al pasillo de maquillaje y bueno, esto es lo que sucedió.

IMG_0449I know i can’t be the only one that gets these cravings for new makeup. Its seriously one of my favorite things to buy. It doesn’t happen often thankfully but when it does i feel like a kid in a candy store browsing every makeup aisle and discovering new toys to play with!

Sé que no puedo ser la única que tiene estos antojos por nuevo maquillaje. Es en serio una de mis cosas favoritas para comprar. Afortunadamente, no sucede a menudo, pero cuando sucede ¡me siento como una niña en una tienda de golosinas recorriendo cada pasillo de maquillaje y descubriendo nuevos juguetes para jugar!


This is what i picked up and my reason besides me craving new makeup.

  1. L’oreal True Match powder illuminator in color w102. The color in this highlighting powder just called me i thought it will be a great everyday highlighting powder.
  2. CoverGirl clean fresh skin milk foundation i got color 380 tan. I was very intrigued when this foundation made its debut. Its vegan and cruelty free and for that reason i couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.
  3. L’oreal Infallible pro-sweep & Lock translucent powder. I wanted a loose powder to give this baking trend a try.
  4. L’oreal True Match Lumi Glotion in color 903. I love using this in the summer  for a glowy bronze look. The one i have is a bit too dark for the winter months so i got a lighter one for a spring glow.
  5.  L’oreal Infallible glow lock illuminating primer. I wanted a primer with a bit of shine since all the primers i have are more mattifying.
  6. Wet N Wild setting spray.
  7. CoverGirl Trublend concealer in color M500 soft tan. Out of all the makeup this is my least favorite. Something about the color and the texture i’m not a fan. I’m not giving up on it will keep trying it to see but so far is a no.


Esto es fue lo que compre

  1.  L’oreal True Match powder illuminator en color w102. Un polvo para brillo, para el glow. 
  2.  CoverGirl clean fresh skin milk en color 380 tan. La nueva base de Covergirl de su línea vegana.
  3. L’oreal Infallible pro-sweep & Lock translucent powder. Un polvo translucido.
  4. L’oreal True Match Lumi Glotion in color 903. Esto me gusta usarlo para dar un look como bronzeado ala piel.
  5. L’oreal Infallible glow lock illuminating primer. Un primer con un poco de brillo. Esto va primero que la base es perfecto para cubrir los poros en la piel.
  6. Wet N Wild un spray sellador.
  7. CoverGirl Trublend  corrector en color M500 soft tan. De todo lo que compre este el que meno prefiero. Voy a jugar un poco más con el aver pero por el momento no me gusto.







New vanity/desk setup

Hello darlings, I honestly just didn’t know how to proceed with the blog post during all this chaos that’s going on in the world with this Covid-19 virus. Scary and confusing time in the world right now. We have never experienced something like this, it feels like the world is going a bit crazy. I decided to continue as normal as possible and not let this stop me from living my life at home and just hope for the best. To distract my mind i did some major cleaning organizing my vanity desk area. I wanted to change a couple of things, and it is the one area that gets super messy and fast.


Hola queridas, honestamente no sabía cómo proceder con la publicación del blog durante todo el caos que está ocurriendo en el mundo con este virus Covid-19. Tiempo de miedo y confusión en el mundo en estos momentos. Nunca hemos vivido algo como esto,  parece que el mundo se está volviendo un poco loco. Decidí continuar lo más normal posible y no dejar que esto me impida vivir mi vida en casa y esperar lo mejor. Para distraer la mente me puse a organizar el área de mi tocador. Quería cambiar un par de cosas y es el área que se vuelve súper desordenado y rápido.


I wanted more of a minimal look i don’t  want to have so many things on my vanity. I now prefer a more clean bare surface. Also because i want to use this as a desk and just have space to work on my laptop but i can easily remove my laptop when i have to get ready.

Quiero un aspecto más minimalista, no quiero tener tantas cosas afuera en mi tocador. Ahora prefiero una superficie más limpia. También porque quiero usar esto como escritorio para trabajar en mi laptop, pero también puedo quitar mi laptop cuando tengo que alistarme. 


The only thing im keeping out is this beautiful acrylic drawer i got from Marshalls and in there i keep most of my skincare product. (the rest i keep in the bathroom) On top of that i keep my makeup brushes and this beautiful mirror and a candle.

Lo único que tengo afuera es este hermoso cajón acrílico que obtuve de Marshalls y allí guardo la mayor parte de mi producto para el cuidado de la piel. (el resto lo guardo en el baño) Además de eso, guardo mis pinceles de maquillaje y este hermoso espejo y una vela.


Since im giving this a more of a desk like feel i also decided to put up my calendar and this mini white board to write my to do list. I tend to be such a procrastinator i need my to do list in my face in order for me to do it.

Como le estoy dando un aspecto de escritorio, también decidí poner mi calendario y esta mini pizarra para escribir mi lista de tareas. Soy una super procrastinadora que necesito mi lista de tareas en mi cara para poder hacerlo.

IMG_0495 2

Underneed i keep a basket where i store all my books. This is the best way i can keep all my books organize and not taking so much space.

Debajo tengo una canasta donde guardo todos mis libros. Esta es la mejor manera en que puedo mantener todos mis libros organizados y no ocupar tanto espacio.


I get so pleased when i open my makeup drawer and i see my makeup super organize.

me da tanta satisfacción cuando abro mi cajón de maquillaje y veo que mi maquillaje está organizado.

Stay safe everyone!






Valentines Date Night Makeup Look

Hello darlings, Valentine’s day is this friday and if you have a hot date night I have the perfect date night look. I wanted to do a date night look for you guys, I don’t have a date i’ll be home or babysitting my niece and nephew exciting! lol but that didn’t not stop me from being festive and getting into the love spirit. I personally think love should be celebrated everyday you shouldn’t have to wait until Valentines day to show your loves one how much they mean to you right? Anywho I went for a very bold red lip color it is my favorite color lipstick and since is vday why not rock a red lip. For the eyes I went with what I like to call a neutral rose gold pink like a dusty pink.  I’m obsessed with this look! If you want to see the products I used click here to watch the video.




Hola queridas, el día de San Valentín es este viernes y si tienes una noche de cita caliente, tengo el look perfecto para la noche. Quería hacerle un look para una cita de san valentín porque yo no tengo cita estaré en casa o cuidando a mi sobrina y sobrino ¡emocionante! jajaja pero eso no me impide para celebrar y entrar en el espíritu del amor. Personalmente, creo que el amor debe celebrarse todos los días, no debería tener que esperar hasta el día de San Valentín para mostrarle a sus parejas cuánto significan para uno, ¿verdad? De todos modos, para este look fui por un color de labios rojo, es mi  labial favorito. Para los ojos fui con lo que me gusta llamar una  rosa oro neutral. Estoy obsesionada con este look! Si desea ver los productos que utilicé, haga clic aquí para ver el video.




One pair of pants six different look

Hey darlings, Lately I have been obsessed with my faux leather joggers. I have been wearing them a bit too often. I love styling them in different ways depending on where i’m going, so I decided to recreate those looks and share them with you. If you want to see the video instead click here.

Hola queridas, Últimamente he estado obsesionado con mis pantalones de faux leather. Los he estado usando demasiado a menudo. Me encanta vestirlos de diferentes maneras dependiendo a dónde vaya, así que decidí recrear estos looks y compartirlos contigo. Si quieres ver el video haz click aquí

Look One Night Out


Look Two Casual weekend


Look Three Weekend Outing


Look Four Work


Look five Work ( I just change the coat and the bag)


Look Six Chill day (running errands)





My at home workout gear

Hey darlings, one of my goals this year is ofcourse to get back in shape and focus more on health. When I first started sharing on this blog I was in the best shape of my life but of course life became somewhat difficult and unmanageable and well with time I gain all the weight back. To be honest it was like I stopped caring for my body, horrible I know. Now my mentality is more focused on just being healthy and feeling good unlike before I was just focused on being super thin skinny. I want my body to be in shape not just skinny but also become stronger. I don’t always have time to go to the gym being that my gym is not so close to my home. So for days when I just can’t make the commute I like to do some workout at homes. Wanted to share my mini gym that I have at home ( by mini I mean some work out stuff that I have) because it is far from a home gym!



Hola queridas, uno de mis objetivos este año es, por supuesto, volver a estar en forma y centrarme más en la salud. Cuando comencé a compartir en este blog, estaba en la mejor forma de mi vida, pero, por supuesto, la vida se volvió algo difícil e inmanejable y con el tiempo recuperé todo el peso. Para ser honesta, fue como que deje de cuidar de mi cuerpo, horrible, lo sé. Ahora mi mentalidad está más centrada en estar sana y en sentirme bien a diferencia de antes, solo estaba centrada en ser súper delgada. Quiero que mi cuerpo esté en forma no solo flaco sino que también se vuelva más fuerte. No siempre tengo tiempo para ir al gimnasio porque mi gimnasio no está tan cerca de mi casa. Entonces, para los días en que no puedo ir, me gusta hacer ejercicio en casa. Quería compartir mi mini gimnasio que tengo en casa (por mini quiero decir algunas cosas de ejercicio que tengo) porque está lejos de ser un gimnasio en casa.

wk2In a small corner of my room I  keep a small basket with some equipment to use at home.

En un pequeño rincón de mi habitación guardo una pequeña canasta con algunos equipos para usar en casa.


I got this beautiful gold basket a while ago now from Burlington.

Hace un tiempo encontré esta hermosa canasta de oro en Burlington.


  1. Ankle weights (Marshalls)
  2. 5 pounds ketter ball (Marshalls)
  3. yoga matt (TJ Maxx)
  4. jump rope (TJ Maxx)
  5. yoga blocks (Marshalls)
  6. a towel for my yoga matt (this is for when I go to hot yoga class) ( Random store in NYC)
  7. abs wheel roller ( my worst nightmare) I don’t used it as much I have to get stronger for it. (Marshalls)
  8. yoga strap (Amazon)
  9. gloves (this I take to the gym with me when i’m working arms) (Marshalls)
  10. resistance band (Amazon)
  11. 5 pound dumbells ( Marshalls)
  12. hourglass waist trainer ( Amazon)
  13. sweat waist trainer (Marshalls)

As for how to use the equipment I have is I will decide what area of my body I will focus on  then i’ll go into pinterest or youtube and just select a random workout that will use that specific equipment. For example if I want to use my ankle weights I will go to Pinterest or youtube and search for workout with ankle weights.

En cuanto a cómo usar el equipo que tengo, primero me decido en qué área de mi cuerpo me enfocaré, luego voy a pinterest o youtube y busco un ejercicio que pueda utilizar unos de mis aquipo. Por ejemplo, si quiero usar mis pesas para los tobillos, voy a Pinterest o YouTube y busco entrenamiento con pesas para los tobillos.

I like to practice yoga at home I really like yoga with Adriene on youtube. Her videos are easy to follow and since i’m a beginner with stretching I like to use yoga strap and yoga blocks to help me out as much as possible.

Me gusta también practicar yoga en casa. Me gusta el yoga with Adriene en youtube. Sus videos son fáciles de seguir y como estoy al principio de mi práctica necesito ayuda por eso me gusta usar la correa de yoga y los bloques de yoga para ayudarme lo más posible.





Wellness and Beauty haul

Hello Darlings, January has been a month where I am completely focusing on my health, wellness, and beauty routine. I went shopping to my favorite store Marshalls and Tj Maxx and I stocked up on all my wellness and beauty needs.

This is what I picked up up at Tj Maxx



IMG_8104 2

  1. bebe jump rope ( this one has a counter so it counts for you love this feature)
  2. loofahs because I need to shower
  3. brush for my back (insane I didn’t have one before)
  4. Ecotools dry brush for face and body
  5. face mask from korea infused with gold and caviar sounds so extra so yes needed it.
  6. lip mask because my lips are superdry
  7. headband to tie my hair away from my face while I wash it
  8. water cup reminds me to drink more water while i’m at home
  9. shower cap

This is what I picked up at Marshalls


  1. Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner and is vegan and free from paraben wanted to try a paraben free shampoo so this is perfect.
  2. A crystal face roller wanted to give this a try and see if it makes my skin more beautiful!
  3. More Tea tree stuff this one is a tea tree lavender body wash smells so good.
  4. some insults for my running sneakers I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and it is painful this was a total must.
  5. organic tea for my digestion.





Winter Blues Neutral Makeup Look

Hello Darlings,  Ever since my new years eve makeup look I wanted to do a more similar look for my weekends when I go out but wanted to wear more netrauls on the eyes. I decided to go for a neutral eye and add a pop of blue to my lower lash line. I am so loving this look is perfect for everyday to go to work or wear for a nice weekend outing.



Hola queridas, desde mi look de new years eve makeup look  quería hacer un look más similar para mis fines de semana cuando salgo, pero quería usar más colores neutrales en los ojos. Decidí optar por un ojo neutral y agregar un toque de azul a la línea de las pestañas inferiores. Me encanta que este look sea perfecto para todos los días para ir a trabajar o usar para una agradable excursión de fin de semana.


This time I decided to add a YouTube video with the steps to get this look if you want to see that make sure to click here.

Esta vez decidí agregar un video de YouTube con los pasos para obtener este aspecto si quieres verlo, asegúrate de hacer clic aquí.